Alpfrigo d.o.o is a private company which develops, produces and markets professional refrigeration products for the food processing, bakery and catering. Company has recently extended range of top quality products also for medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory use, based on its own research and development activities and practical experiences in the refrigeration field.


Company has started its operation in 2001 with a team of experienced professionals with profound technical and marketing knowledge in the refrigeration industry. Over the years it has been constantly studying and researching new solutions in order to improve existing products and develop new alternatives and product lines. Constant innovation and improvement, taking into the account costumers feedback and specific market requirements, are core values of Alpfrigo. These values together with high flexibility enables company to offer variation in out standard products with different custom made (personalized) arrangements.


Alpfrigo d.o.o exports its products to over 20 countries, prevailing in EU market. We are marketing our products under our own brand and also in the partnership with our strategic customers. It is our policy to establish long term partnership with our customers and include them in the process of further development of product range. We provide a full service before, during and after the sales.


Quality and efficiency of production are our priority. To ensure them all phases of the production and quality control are carried out within our premises. We constantly perform quality control at different stages of production. Each product is checked and tested (inspected) before the shipment. We use material and equipment of European origin.

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