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About us

Food Equipment Groep Netherlands, briefly referred to as FEG,  offers quality brands such as Hobart-Gazi and Cookinoxand Alpfrigo high-quality sustainable industrial kitchen equipment. Together with the current brands, we have a modular and project-based solution for every kitchen.

For a perfect coördination about the design or change of your kitchen you are directly in touch with our product specialists. They do have extensive experience as a chef and know exactly what is involved in the (re-) design of professional kitchens. With thorough advice and a clear situation sketch or drawing you get detailed insight into the possibilities. In this way we do realize the best suitable solution together with you.

FEG has its own design and advice agency. Due to the very short lines with our design agency and product specialists, we map all your wishes. After a thorough inventory, we take care of the first draft of your plans in 3D. We carefully examine the possibilities of routing, hygiene, safety and choice of equipment.


Thinking along is always the start in finding the best possible solution. The wishes of the customer are central. We implement all innovations after thorough research into customer needs.

Our way of working
As a specialist and supplier of industrial kitchen equipment, it is our mission to provide you with the best possible service. We want to provide our customers with high-quality products at a competitive price. Together with our Technical Department we ensure the carefree functioning of your equipment.

Step 1: Make an inventory of your wishes
Our Product Specialist will provide a thorough inventory of your wishes and architectural environment. Which spaces are available for your wishes? We do have a look into efficient routing, ergonomics, hygiëne and safety. Is renovation desirable or necessary, and what are the current bottlenecks? All information is collected and then a proposal is made with detailed 3D drawings.

Step 2: Logistics - Presentation
We then present our vision of logistics routing by means of a 3D presentation. This is a specific proposal of the possible logistic lines within your company, with which the entire process from the receipt of the goods up to and including the issuance and consumption is represented.

Step 3: Logistics - Kitchen
During the discussion of the plan, we determine together with you where the storage areas, kitchen, sink kitchen etc. should be located. We then go deeper into the specific kitchen situation and the food flows in the kitchen are shown in more detail. Where do the various food products enter the kitchen, what processing do they undergo and where are they stored? This creates a clear picture of the work that needs to be done.

Step 4: Equipment
After the internal logistics within the building and within the kitchen have been determined, we can give a specific interpretation in terms of equipment. The drawing is worked out in detail. What appliances are needed, what is the exact size and how the kitchen will look like at the end. We provide you with a detailed Revit drawing of the setup in 3D in view and in section.

Step 5: Quotation
As a follow up of "final" kitchen design, we provide you with a detailed offer of all required materials and services, as well as a representation of the technical details and versions of the equipment offered.

Step 6: Project support
FEG is responsible for the project management during project implementation. During the execution of the project, the project leader will guide the entire process. FEG is responsible for:

  • Project coördination
  • Technical Product Documentation, such as drawings etc.
  • Measuring and checking the construction site
  • Delivery & placement of the equipment
  • Commissioning & instruction
  • After Sales

Thinking along is always the point of departure for finding the best possible solution. The wishes of the customer are central. We implement all innovations after thorough research into customer needs.

Our program is fully adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers. In addition to the installation of your complete professional industrial kitchen and catering kitchen, we are also happy to help you with the purchase of modular equipment including fryers, induction equipment, combi steamers, dishwashers, etc.

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